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        Main products: HDF,MDF/ PB/ Melamine Faced Boards/ Paper Faced Boards/ UV Boards(high gloss/matt)
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        Add:No. qihu Industrial Park, Haishu, Ningbo, China
        Email:[email protected]
        About us

        Fuwei Wood is located in Ningbo, China. Fuwei has been acting successfully as distributors and sale agent for hundreds of goods for several famous brands in China like Sunway, Liren, Furen, Asia Dekor, etc. Our main products:
        MDF / HDF / Particle Board / Melamine Faced MDF (Particle board) / Paper Faced MDF(particle board) / UV board
        Standard: E0 / E1 / E2 / CARB P1/ CARB P2
        Dimension: 4”x 8”(1220x2440mm), 5”x 8”(1525x2440mm),6”x 9”(1830x2745mm)

        Fuwei has established its own workshop for laminating PU paper and producing UV boards (high glossy/matt surface). These boards are mainly used for decoration in theatre, museum, library, KTV, pub, shop, etc.
        Fuwei insists on promoting quality and improving technology to satisfy customers..
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